Top Reasons Why People Change their Jobs (It’s neither Money nor the Boss)

Here are the top reasons why most of the people switch between different jobs every 2-3 years

  • Career opportunity

When the candidates don’t get the opportunities they want, accelerate their career path, or if they feel Stuck in their career. About 45% of them leave their jobs for a new opportunity.

  • Unsatisfied

When people start to feel that they are not getting the Control they deserve even after their promotion. Or when the work environment doesn’t give them the positive vibes, they decide to look for other better opportunities.

  • Challenges

People always look forward to solve different challenges and get satisfied with the contribution they have given to overcome those challenges. But if there are none, they tend to lose interest in their work and start finding a Job that is most challenging for them.

  • Unrecognized

Few people put in all their heart and soul for the work they have been doing, but they don’t get the Rewards, (Compensation or Appraisal) they deserve, or some cases the company don’t recognize their work at all. The candidate might psychologically feel down and worst case quit the job for the one he/she deserves.

Source: LinkedIn Survey



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