Get 10 job offers!!

Getting a job is easy these days provided you know how to get an employer’s attention BEFORE-DURING & AFTER the Interview.
Here are five points to keep in mind when you are on a lookout for an opportunity /Job

1. Do you have NETWORK?

A network is basically how many people you know working in your industry/domain. If you are an MBA person do you know any person who is a Management consultant, a VP or a CEO in a company? Or if you are a mechanical engineer do you know someone who is working in the industry you want to get into with at least 5-10 years experience?
NETWORK will lead to your NETWORTH
So Bigger the Network, BIGGER THE NETWORTH.

2. Are you Marketable?

If you don’t know how to market yourself you won’t be able to sell yourself in an interview. Basically, it’s all about selling, convincing your dad to give you money is also a part of selling. Which means you are a good sales person. All you have to do is apply this concept in the interviews and sell yourself.
Selling can happen through Resume, GD, follow up emails to the employer.

3. Are you using emails Effectively?

Professionals won’t look into their facebook or WhatsApp once they are at work, they check their emails first. I have got a lot of emails from freshers which are usually in the form of a text message, We reject it even without looking at the resume
To get employers attention you have to know how to write a catchy subject line or to put your content in such a way that they will be excited to call you for an interview.

4. Are you completely relying on Job Portals?

Out of all the people who apply in job portal only 10% will get an interview call. The other 90% can only get through a good Network.
Sell yourself more in your network, instead of putting the information in Job portals

5. Do you project that confidence?

When I used to take interviews for my company, there were people who got bluntly rejected because of the way they dressed, the way they presented themselves, or their body language. They didn’t have the attitude of getting a job.
Employers take a decision based on your Attitude & Confidence.

So what are you waiting for? Go find your network, learn how to write emails and always Project yourself Confidently.


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