9 Things You should stop doing at Workplace

1. Being a Teenager or Badass
Many of us even after graduating and starts working, won’t stop acting like Teenagers in front of others.And also being a show off and be very rude to others is not a good work etiquette. That has to stop!

2. Being Loud
DO NOT be loud in front of your colleagues. Be it over the phone or while talking to someone next to you. And never laugh loud so the whole floor knows you are laughing.

3. Speaking ill about others
No matter what someone does, you are not allowed to talk bad about them in front of others. Never spoil their privacy.

4. Gossiping
Do not gossip around with your colleagues, its simply a waste of time. Remember what goes around comes around.. Someone may be gossiping about you somewhere!

5. Putting the blame on Others
When you do a mistake accept it rather than putting that blame on someone else.. It will do no Good to you!

6. Oversharing with your colleagues
You may have close friends in workplace but do not share about your personal things too much to anyone. You might become weak in front of them!

7. Excessive complaining
Complaining about few genuine things are acceptable.. But not for each and everything. People will think you are not the right one for that job!

8. Isolating yourself
Never be a One Man Army! It doesn’t hurt your pride if you start your day with a pleasant conversation with your colleagues.

9. Wasting time via Social Media
Everyone has the temptation, its up to you how you overcome..You have to keep separate time allotted to check your social media sites. But NOT when you are WORKING! It makes your work unproductive.

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