4 Must have Conditions in Goal Setting

The process of setting goals forces you to think through what you want for your Happy Life.
Goals also give you a structure within which to work. This tends to focus your efforts by helping you avoid actions that won’t help you in achieving the goals you’ve set. Any good goal has a deadline, and that deadline will influence your actions immensely.

Whenever you are setting goals, make sure you have attained the following Conditions:

1. Is it Specific?

You have a better chance of achieving a goal if it’s specific. Example: I want to save _____(Amount) by _____(Date).

2. Am I optimistic about my Goal?

Be sure when you set your goals. Having the capacity to pay the bills isn’t precisely an uplifting goal. Accomplishing money related security phrases your goal in a more positive manner, thus step up your energy to attain it.

3. Is it Realistic?
If you set a goal to earn $100,000 a month when you’ve never earned that much in a year, that goal is unrealistic. Begin with small steps, such as increasing your monthly income by 25 percent. Once your first goal is met, you can reach for larger ones.

4. Is it Short or Long Term?
Short-term goals are attainable in a period of weeks to a year. Long-term goals can be for five, 10 or even 20 years; they should be substantially greater than short-term goals but should still be realistic.

You are all set!
Go on and start working on your First Goal with all these Conditions

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